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Aircraft Hangers

Aircraft Hangar Buildings Brisbane Queensland

Secure Shelter for Light & Commercial Aircraft

As a pilot, you would rather be out flying rather than doing repairs or maintenance on the ground any day— but protecting your investment from harsh weather elements like sun, rain, high winds, storms and even hail is a top priority.

A pre-engineered Australian Steel Sheds steel hangar building is the perfect solution for safe, secure and sturdy storage of private and commercial aircrafts of all sizes. Prefab hangar buildings provide the greatest possible storage space to accommodate one or multiple aircraft with a variety of heights and wingspans.
In planning the design of your hangar, take time to consider your aircraft storage needs both now and in the future. How many aircraft will you need to store in the hangar?

Do you plan on upgrading to a larger aircraft, or purchasing additional aircraft in the future? What amenities would you like in your hangar? What other uses will your hangar perform – repairs, maintenance etc. A pre-engineered steel aircraft hangar can be a multi-purpose building. They can be used for everything from airplane storage to servicing, and can be customized to include everything from a workshop, to a waiting lounge area, office space, training area, pilot briefing rooms, and more.









Why Steel for Hangars?

  • Strength
Steel is one of the strongest construction materials available on the market, and provides maximum stability and resilience against even the strongest winds. Using only the highest quality steel and premium components, these hangars provide incredible strength with straight walls, square corners and sturdy studs and joists. Although a lightweight material, a metal hangar is always well-secured and bolted to its concrete foundation, ensuring strength and protection against even the strongest winds.
  • Durability
Steel aircraft hangars are resistant to mold growth, mildew, and termites, and won’t warp or crack, resulting in minimal maintenance and lower ownership costs. Building a steel airplane hangar will save you time now and later, promising years of superior storage and protection.
  • Fire Proof
Steel is non-combustible, and is the best construction material option for storing a costly investment like an airplane. Prepare to see your insurance premiums drop when you assemble a prefabricated aircraft hangar, and rest easy knowing your airplane is protected from fire damage.
  • Speed of Construction
Pilots know the value of speed in the skies, and choosing a hangar is no exception. Manufactured with laser-cut precision, pre-welded, and pre-drilled parts, the components of a pre-engineered hangar building can be fitted together and erected quickly and easily. Whether you choose to construct it yourself, or hire a contractor, know that time is on your side with a prefabricated hangar building.
  • Customizable Designs
Modern hangars can be custom designed with a plethora of paint colours, trim styles, or finishes to suit your lofty desires. Even the door rollers and door locks are customizable to suit the size of the door and self-installable, saving you money in every step of construction.

Things to consider

  • Colour Chart & Sheeting

    When you buy a shed with Australian Steel Sheds you can choose from a wide range of Colorbond colours to tailor the look of your shed

  • Extra Options

    There are a range of additional extras available which can be used to customise your shed exactly the way you want it!

  • Building Your Shed

    Australian Steel Sheds provides a complete solution from purchasing the shed, handling the council application through to erecting your shed and even laying down the slab

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