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Frequently asked questions

All of our sheds, barns and carports come with a 10 Year BlueScope Steel manufacturers warranty on sheeting and portal frames.
The best way is to contact us or use the Request a Quote so we can design your shed on the big screen in 3D and discuss any additional extras you may need. Unlike our competitors, we will give you a complete price on the spot before you leave. Our premier quoting software allows us to customise any building to your exact requirements, regardless of the size you require. You can also contact us or use the Request a Quote page.
In most cases none. Included in the quote price we give you are all of the components needed to build your shed and any applicable delivery fees. If required we will also give you a price for erecting your shed and also laying a concrete slab. All of our shed rainwater connections (gutters and downpipes) are calculated to ground level only. If you require additional drainage or a storm water or tank connection this would be an additional cost. It also assumed that the shed is being built on a level site and that earthworks are not required.
In nearly all cases you will need some form of Council approval for your shed. After your deposit is paid we will release watermarked engineering plans, slab and footing engineering, a slab layout diagram and a windload certificate to assist in your Council application. Unfortunately each Council is different and this approval process can take anywhere up to 8 weeks.
Depending on whether you need Council approval, it usually takes 3 to 4 weeks to manufacture and deliver all the componentry to site. If Council approval is required, we will not order your shed until the approval has been received.
Depending on the size of the shed, it is possible to build it yourself. When you purchase a shed from us, you will receive a detailed construction guide to assist you. For larger sheds specialist machinery such as cranes and lifters maybe required, that we will look after if you require us to erect it. Discuss your options with us when you come in for a quote.
If you require Council approval, a 10% deposit is required to release engineering plans. A further 40% of the kit price is required before ordering and the remaining 50% required when your delivery date is confirmed. If you require us to erect the building or lay down a slab, we can provide you with an agreeable payment plan during the progress of your shed being built.
You can pay for your shed with direct deposit, credit card or cheque.